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Jonathan Cope 

Multi-instrumentalist, author and teacher, Jonathan first discovered the jews harp in 1976 after acquiring a large Smith instrument in a playground swap. After a gap of many years he started playing jews harps more earnestly in 1997 and continues to develop his skills and the range of instruments played. Jonathan established an online e-store selling instruments in 1990 and now stocks a wide variety of jews harps from around the world. In 2012 he published a comprehensive book and CD guide to playing the jews harp and has several online tuition resources on the subject. In more recent times Jonathan trained in the tradition of Norwegian Munnharpe forging and production and continues regular production of instruments in the UK. He has TV appearances and film and TV recording work amongst his ongoing CV, having played with several music groups and recording ‘session’ work for various studios and producers. Jonathan lives in London and regularly performs on various jews harps, both solo and with others

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