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MICHAEL WRIGHT: Sleeping Pedlar

MICHAEL WRIGHT: Sleeping Pedlar

NEW RELEASE – English Folk / Traditional
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How do I join?

  • You can support and take part in the IJHS by paying the annual dues of US$ 30.
  • Ideally you can use the Paypal function on the "Join and Subscribe" page, but it's also possible to pay by International Bank Transfer order payable to International Jew's Harp Society. For additional payment information, please see the 'Subscriptions' page.


  • Please note, that to become a member or to re-join, if you have been a member before, you will need to create a profile on this website.
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You als can support us by donating any amount through the Paypal function on the "Donate" page and it's also possible to pay a Donation by International Bank Transfer order payable to International Jew's Harp Society.

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