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Österreichischer Maultrommelverein / Austrian Jew’s Harp Association

Established in 1997, organised the 3rd International Jew’s Harp Festival-Congress in 1998 in Molln, Upper Austria. In 2012, the Austrian playing technique of the jew’s harp (Wechselspiel) became part of the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage.

The Österreichischer Maultrommelverein is promoting research, networking, information and national as well as international communication on all matters related to the Austrian Maultrommel.


The Czech jew’s harp community led by young harpers is growing dynamically. The first Czech jew’s harp festival called “Festival Jiná Dimenze” (Festival of Different Dimension) was organized in 2018.


Nihon Koukin Kyoukai / Japan Jew's Harp Association


Klangkörper is a platform for overtone music initiated by dutch jew's harpist Danibal. It is about bringing together musicians that make use of overtones in their music, regardless of musical style. Klangkörper was founded in 2017.


Norsk Munnharpeforum / Norwegian Jew’s Harp Forum

RUSSIA Website founded by Vladimir Markov in 2009.