Bjørgulv Straume, 1938-2024

Bjørgulv Straume, 1938-2024


Bjørgulv Straume

11 August 1938 – 06 April 2024

In the memory of Bjørgulv Straume

We have lost a man who has been very important to the munnharpe and the munnharpe tradition. With the release of the cassette «Luftslaget» [the Air Battle] he gave us a new standard for munnharpe playing. His energetic and rhythmic playing attracted the young generation. Very many discovered the munnharpe through this recording. 

Bjørgulv and with whom you could talk about all kinds of topics. In short, we can mention that he meant a lot for the revival of the traditions, both through his own work as a singer, munnharpe player and blacksmith. In addition to a close knowledge of the traditions, he also created his own munnharpe compositions, and his recordings inspired two generations of munnharpe players. He was also open to other traditions, as he shows in "From Senegal to Setesdal" in meeting African traditions and in "Hrynhent" in meeting between art music and folk music. The Norwegian Munnharpe forum has used lots of Bjørgulv's harps over the years in our munnharpe workshops - they have been a fine introduction to playing melodies on the munnharpe.

Bjørgulv Straume became an honorary member of the Norwegian Harp Forum in 2008. We say thank you for your great effort, and many good memories. 

Rest in peace.

Norwegian Munnharpe Forum


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