Why and how to become an IJHS Member

Since establishing the IJHS in 1998, we have initiated and supported the implementation of height international festivals and Congresses. We have published Newsletters with news from around the jew’s harp world, and a Journal with scientific articles on jew’s harp related matters.

Joining the IJHS is an important cultural individual act. More members we are, more weight we have for lobbying and networking. The annual membership fees are saved and contribute to the financial asset of the society. The money is use for projects decided by the board.

This new multimedia website is part of the ongoing developments of the Society. You may browse freely but some parts are only available to IJHS members.

IJHS presentation flyer (click to download)

Membership allows you to:

  • Submit articles for the journal, the Newsletter, and propose BLOG posts.
  • Upload and download publications located in the Member Only section, and access to the Fred Crane Memorial Library.
  • Upload music and films in the Member Only section.
  • Request the IJHS patronage for the event you might organize and advertise your event through the different IJHS communication channels.
  • Recommend websites and other categories of information to be posted in the LINKS section.

Becoming a member is easy!

Welcome to the IJHS!