A new website for the 20th anniversary. The International Jew’s Harp Society (IJHS) was formed at the 3rd International Jew’s Harp Congress in 1998 in Molln (Austria), with the aim of bringing together as many of the enthusiasts for the instrument as possible.

Not only does it organize international festivals and congresses that involve players, makers and researchers from around the globe, but also publishes an increasingly acknowledged Journal and newsletters.

This new IJHS website was launched end 2017 with the purpose to bring together the ever-expanding international community and to disseminate knowledge about jew's harp and its heritage.




Honorary President Ivan E. Alexeev, Sakha Republic (Yakutia)


Executive Board


President Franz Kumpl, Austria

Secretary Nikolay S. Shishigin, Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

Treasurer Philippe Dallais, Switzerland


Regional Board


Austria Manfred Russmann

Canada Deirdre Morgan

China Wang Li

France, U.K. Michael Wright

Germany Sören Birke, Clemens Voigt

Hungary Áron Szilágyi

Italy Luca Recupero

Japan Leo Tadagawa

Kazakhstan Yedil Khuseinov

Kyrgyzstan Kaliman Umetbaeva

Netherlands Harm Linsen

Norway Svein Westad

Russian Federation Olga Prass

Bashkortostan Mindigafur Zainedtinov

Sakha Republic Kim Borisov, Albina Degtareva, Spiridon Shishigin

Tuva Valentina Suzukei

United Kingdom Jonathan Cope

U.S.A. Gordon Frazier

Vietnam/France Tran Quang Hai