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French Jews Harp Festival

French Jews Harp Festival

Our friends from France the Jew's harp collective "Les Chasseuses de Pensées" in collaboration with TUBE are proudly announcing the first Jew's Harp festival in France.

The festival will take place at Vertolaye, a small village in the center of France, nearby Ambert, 1 hour from the the town of Clermont Ferrand. You are welcome to visit Vertolaye on 19th of May. There will be workshops, blacksmithing, lectures, jams and concerts.

A huge party under the sign of music and friendliness! If you are considering to join the party, please get in touch with the organisers via Facebook. The programme ...

Lindsay Porteous

Lindsay Porteous

Lindsay Porteous and Friends: Portrait of a Scottish Jew’s-Harp Player,
Harm Linsen in Sakha - 2014

Harm Linsen in Sakha - 2014

TRAVEL ACCOUNT: The Khomus day in Yakutia

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